Still trying to kick someone's ass

In his college days at UNC, King Rice was involved in incidents where he could not keep himself from trying to pummel someone.  One incident involved his girlfriend at the time.  Another time, he beat up a high school teacher at a frat party.  Here's his latest squirmish as reported by the AP.

NORMAL, Ill. (Jan 11, 1997 - 17:01 EST) -- An assistant basketball coach at Illinois State who
charged into the stands after a fan has been suspended with pay for one game.

As a result, King Rice will sit out Sunday's game against Southern Illinois. He left the bench during
Thursday night's overtime loss to Northern Iowa after exchanging words with a fan.

"This is an unfortunate and disturbing incident," head coach Kevin Stallings said in a statement.
"While I can appreciate how difficult it is to listen to biting criticism, it is never appropriate to engage argumentatively with our fans or to leave the bench area to deal with issues of this nature."

Stallings said Rice would not accompany the team to Carbondale or participate in any of the team
activities associated with the trip. He expects Rice to resume his duties on Monday.

The confrontation occurred in the final seconds of ISU's 77-71 overtime loss. Rice was restrained
by another ISU assistant coach, and did not make physical contact with the fan, Brad Sipes of

"I owe an apology to our fans and our team," Rice said Friday. "I became frustrated and let my
emotions get the best of me. I know I should have shown restraint, and I will do so in the future."

Sipes had no comment on the suspension. He alleged Rice cursed an another fan, that precipitated
his sown exchange with the coach.

"I did not say anything to the bench, but what I said to King Rice was that we don't need that from
you, meaning the cursing at the fan," Sipes said. "He looked at me, and I repeated, 'We don't need
that from you."'

Sipes said Rice then made profanity-laced remarks to him and came charging up the aisle.

"I saw him draw his clenched fist back, and I absolutely thought for sure I was going to get
pummeled," Sipes said.

Sipes also said he was hit in the head by someone wielding a blunt object as he left the arena.