1990 - James Worthy Arrested for Soliciting Prostitution


While at the Lakers’ hotel in Houston, Worthy was charged for soliciting not one but two very pricey prostitutes.

Other than the fact that James was married at the time, and that prostitution in illegal in Texas, James’ biggest mistake was that his two prostitutes weren’t really prostitutes at all, but rather Houston undercover police officers.



Angela Wilder was a stunning cheerleader at the University of North Carolina who fell in love with James Worthy. “He was the player, I was the cheerleader and we were in heaven,” Wilder said.

When James turned pro and became a Laker, Wilder moved to L.A. with him. Married in 1984, they had, she thought, a blissful life of love, family, contentment. Then came the day her life was transformed. Worthy was arrested in 1990 and charged with soliciting a prostitute.


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